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PASR Journal Volume 1, 2014

Watch out for the first issue of our PASR Journal this 2014!

The PASR Journal is the official journal of the Philippine Association for the Sociology of Religion (PASR). It publishes (1) theoretical and methodological papers on religion as a social institution and as a process especially in relation to other social structures in Philippine society; (2) academic reviews of recent books and articles in the sociology of religion; and (3) reflections about fora, seminars and conferences organized by PASR. The journal promotes interdisciplinarity and academic dialogue among scholars and practitioners in the social sciences, philosophy, theology and cultural studies by providing an academic platform for theoretical, methodological and pragmatic engagements. This journal is refereed by both international and local experts and is published annually by PASR.

The PASR Journal invites submission of unpublished manuscript with a preferable length of 3,000 to 10,000 words but longer contribution may also be accepted. An abstract with a length of at most 300 words is required. Manuscript must be submitted in MS Word format, double-spaced, font size 12-point to Submission must be in English or Filipino. Referencing must be in APA (American Psychological Association) format. The editors may consider to reduce the length of the manuscript especially when high cost of publication is an issue; however, the contributor will be notified which part of his/her paper might be removed or truncated before publishing the final e-journal or hard copy. Through online exchange of notes and comments between the editors and the contributor, a final manuscript for publication is expected to be achieved. This is to ensure that no substantial part or idea in the manuscript will be deleted before publication. Photographs, illustrations and tables maybe included and should be in high quality.

Facts, figures, analyses and opinions in articles published in the PASR Journal are solely the responsibility of the contributors including copyright infringement, if there is so. They do not in any manner represent the views of the PASR and the editors of the journal. The editors have the right to reject manuscripts that are deemed inappropriate for publication.

For inquiries about submission, subscription, advertisement or PASR membership, please email us at We invite you to visit our blog at for more information about the Philippine Association for the Sociology of Religion (PASR).


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