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CALL FOR PAPERS: National Canopy Forum on Religion in the 21st Century



PASR Office

Monday to Saturday,
8am to 5pm

CALL FOR PAPERS: National Canopy Forum on Religion in the 21st Century



Religion in the 21st Century:
National Canopy Forum on Religion in Contemporary Philippine Society

February 26 – 28, 2014
Manila Room, Hasmin Hostel,
Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa, Manila

Many scholars in the past century predicted that modernity, industrialization, science and secularism will cause the wane of religion as a definitive force in society in the years to come. To some degree, their predictions have come true as we consider some aspects of religion dwindling in their influence today; however, we cannot discard the fact that religious processes and structures continue to thrive in different communities and, to some extent, morph into different forms. These religious processes pervade and manifest in different avenues of social life: sometimes determinative of current social change and socio-political relations resulting to conflicts and wars; oftentimes more implicit and benign, becoming constitutive of the way we define ourselves, relate to others and see the world.

This National Canopy Forum (NCF) explores the contemporary relevance of Religion as a social institution in society. Speakers in the first day will explore Contemporary Theories in the Sociology of Religion such as those of Niklas Luhmann and Bruno Latour. The following day, speakers will talk about Indigenous Research Methods. This is timely and important since sociologizing religion requires sensitizing theories and concepts and culturally sensitive methodology. On the last day, speakers and participants will discuss current researches and insights that tackle some of the most neglected but intriguing dimensions of Philippine society. Panel themes include: (1) the Dialogue of Life in Quiapo and Binondo; (2) Religion in Everyday Life; (3) Religion, Technology and Cyberspace; (4) Religion in times of Disasters; (5) the Cult of the Dead; (6) Religion in Educational Institutions and (7) Religious Heritage in Philippine Society. Others panel themes may be created depending on submissions received by the secretariat.

We invite individual submission of abstracts delving on these panel themes for possible presentation in the NCF until JANUARY 15. You may send your abstracts or inquiries to any of these email addresses:, or

Each interested participant will have to pay P 2,500.00 registration fee to help the organizers in shouldering the cost of food, seminar kit and other expenses incurred while setting up the NCF. Certificates of participation and completion of training will be given after the event. For those who want to join PASR, you may approach the secretariat and pay P 1,000.00 for individual membership good for 1 year; P 3,500.00 for individual membership good for 4 years; and P 10,000.00 for institutional membership good for 3 years. Members will receive a certificate of membership and access to PASR e-journal.

For more details, you may visit or contact our President at 09423839543 or the Secretary at 09214632761.


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