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Post-election Analysis on the Possibility of a Widespread Faith-based Voting last Senatorial and Local Election



PASR Office

Monday to Saturday,
8am to 5pm

July 15, 2013

Academic Head

 Dear Sir/Madam,

                 The Philippine Association for the Sociology of Religion (PASR) is an exclusive organization for faculty members, graduate students and practitioners in the fields of the social sciences, cultural and religious studies, humanities, philosophy and theology. Together with the Institute for Cultural Studies (ICS) of PUP and Institute of Religion (IR) of UST, PASR aims to promote the sociological study of religion and other socio-cultural processes in the Philippines by conducting fora and seminars on different themes and issues about religion that are relevant in present time.

                 On July 25 at the Martyr’s Hall (near the Central Seminary and the Santisimo Rosario Parish Church), University of Santo Tomas, the Philippine Association for the Study of Religion(PASR) in collaboration with the Institute of Religion, PRO-ARC committee and The Political Science Forum(TPSF) of the College of Arts and Letters of the University of Santo Tomas  will hold a post-election analysis on the possibility of a widespread faith-based voting last senatorial and local election in the form of a panel discussion. The event will be attended by faculty members and students from different universities in NCR and from nearby regions, by church leaders from different denominations, and by representatives from different religious and civil organizations. There, we expect that resource persons and participants will share their observations, theoretical insights and reflections about the role of religion in politics and in mobilizing people to vote or to deter from voting for certain politicians/political parties, among other possible themes that may arise as the discussion goes. Possible research collaborations could also be forged out of this activity, aside from fresh insight that one might get after attending the event.

                 Hence, may we invite you, your faculty members and graduate students to participate in the event? Attached herewith are the tentative program and the year-round CHED endorsement for the activities organized both by PUP-ICS and by UST-IR. The event is free of charge and is open to all interested. Certificates of participation will also be provided to attendees at the end of the event.

                 For those who want to join PASR, there is a membership fee of P 1,000  that is payable through BDO Account no. 495-0373016 under the name Philippine Association for the Sociology of Religion, Inc., just keep your BDO-validated Deposit Slip and have it presented to the organizers during the event. Each member will receive a certificate of membership for one year, an e-journal/printed journal before the year ends, and a chance to present their academic work in future fora and seminars organized by the organization and have them published in our peer-reviewed journal.

Interested participants are also encouraged to notify the secretariat about their intention to attend the event on or before July 23. For inquiries about the organization, please visit us at You may also e-mail me at or contact me at 09214632761.

                 We hope to see you at the event! Thank you very much.


Truly yours,


Secretary, PASR

Faculty, PUP Dep’t. of Sociology



President, PASR

Faculty, UST Institute of Religion


Click the link below for the map. Martyr’s Hall is near the Central Seminary (10) and Santisimo Rosario Parish Church (14).


Click the link below for the invitation letter and the program.


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